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Concept used by designing and building the construction cover all ecological, economical and social aspects. There from comes the principle of integrated planning and stability, determine special care for health and comfort.
The office building is built with innovative technologies according new standards for low-energy buildings.

Insulation system is 120 mm thick with finish silicone self-cleaning coating, Brillux Silicon Putz KR K2 Protect  

Glass curtain wall: Exclusive look of this building is also enhance from the transparent vision of the curtain wall  SCHÜCO

Windows: Aluminum windows SCHÜCO  Uw = 1,1 W/(m2K)

Sun shading system: System consists energy-saving, automatic control aluminum blinds WAREMA, that provide comfort by regulating the incoming amount of light and heat. 

Lobby and staircase: Glass staircase with modern look of the wide lobby. Used materials: glass, wood, granite, stainless steel.

Elevator: Two Schindler elevators- speed 1,6m/s

Ceiling: AMF

Floor coating: textile flooring Fabromont Kugelgarn Simphonie

Toilets:  Wide toilets with quality floor and wall tiles

Heating and ventilation: VRF system

Parking: 213 park places, 121 of them underground and 92 outside

Internet: Optical internet connection

Furnishing: There is a option to rent full furnished offices 



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